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Where to Find Meetings

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Types of Meetings

In most communities in North Carolina, anyone interested in A.A. can find a meeting appropriate for them. Some meetings are for problem drinkers only; others are open to everyone. The following terms are typically used to distinguish between the two types:

  • Open - Anyone may attend. Members, prospective members, family, friends, and professionals -- all are welcome.
  • Closed - A.A. members and anyone with a desire to stop drinking may attend.

A variety of formats is used for both open and closed meetings. The following are among the most common in North Carolina:

  • Discussion - Members share their experience on a topic pertaining to recovery from alcoholism. Usually a single topic chosen by the meeting chairperson or another member forms the basis for the discussion.
  • Step or "Big Book" - A type of discussion meeting in which the topic is one of the Twelve Steps or a passage from the book, Alcoholics Anonymous. There are also meetings that focus on other A.A. literature, such as the Twelve Traditions or the book As Bill Sees It or the "AA Grapevine" magazine.
  • Speaker - A member with some period of continuous sobriety tells what they were like during their drinking days, what happened to bring them to A.A., and what they are like now.