For Professionals


If you are a professional, Alcoholics Anonymous is available to support you

North Carolina A.A. members are available to give free presentations or talk about A.A. before your public or professional group, or organization. We convey to those who want to know: what A.A. is, where A.A. can be found, and how A.A. can help someone who desires to stop drinking.

Your local Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) Committee is available to speak in person or via an online video platform, at schools, local businesses, DUI classes, health fairs, churches, civic groups, community centers, medical centers, treatment facilities and anywhere the A.A. message can be useful. We also distribute A.A. literature, point to our free Meeting Guide app and to the A.A. main website, as well as this North Carolina A.A. website.

Cooperating with professionals is an objective of A.A., and has been since our beginnings. We are always seeking to strengthen and expand our communication with you. This helps us to work more effectively with you in achieving our common purpose: to help the alcoholic who still suffers. We are dedicated to helping professionals who work with problem drinkers.


About A.A.

People who think they have a drinking problem are welcome to attend any A.A. meeting. They can sit and listen and learn more about recovery. Or they can share about themselves. It’s completely up to them. Everyone is welcome. You don’t have to pay anything to attend.

Our members are not professionals on alcoholism or addiction of any kind. We do not provide medical or psychological diagnoses or prognoses. We leave that up to you. A.A. is a supplemental resource. We offer ongoing support for anyone who has a drinking problem based on a solution that works for us.

Meetings are classified as “open” or “closed”. Professionals are welcome to observe “open” A.A. meetings. “Open” meetings are for anyone interested in learning more about what happens in A.A. “Closed” meetings are for only those who have a desire to stop drinking. Find an open meeting here.

A.A. Resources for the Professional


Resources from A.A. in North Carolina


Resources for Family & Friends of the Alcoholic


Resources from A.A. World Service Office