The AA Pilot Ride Share Program in Winston Salem

The AA Ride Share Program is a web applications that connects individuals who are unable to drive to AA meetings with those who are willing to give rides to meetings (women drive women, men drive men). This service is conceived and coordinated by the Northwest Piedmont Intergroup Accessibilities committee to help carry the message of recovery to alcoholics who need rides to AA meetings.


Before offering this program to all members of AA, the Northwest Piedmont Intergroup is running a pilot program to test the viability of the service. For the trial period, RIDERS will ONLY be residents of Oxford sober living houses in Winston-Salem. If you are an a Winston-Salem Oxford house member, please sign up to obtain rides here.

After the pilot program, Northwest Piedmont Intergroup plans to expand this service to anyone seeking a ride in Winston-Salem. If this service provides value to the AA community, NWPI will expand its offerings to cities throughout North Carolina.


·      Using the link provided above, AA members can register to be a DRIVER or RIDER, and will select which meeting(s) they attend in our area.

·      When a RIDER member of the Oxford house community selects a meeting, the system will pull results of all DRIVERS who have offered to drive for that particular meeting in the “Driver Name” dropdown section.

·      NOTE:  In the event that no DRIVER has signed up for that particular meeting, the RIDER should select another meeting (as there are no DRIVERS available).

·      If DRIVERS do appear in the “Driver Name” dropdown section, the RIDER can select the name of the DRIVER, and a match is made between the two.

·      When a match is made, the RIDER contact information will be sent to the DRIVER. The DRIVER will then text/call the RIDER to coordinate the pickup time and location. After meeting the two parties meet, the decision can be made regarding future ride shares between the two parties.