The Area Committee of Area 51 is composed of District Committee Members (D.C.M.s)
and their Alternates, Local Committee Members (L.C.M.s), Officers, Coordinators, and
the Area 51 Convention Chair. All Area 51 officers are elected using the Third Legacy
Procedure as defined in the A.A. Service Manual. The Area 51 Convention Chair,
Alternate Convention Chair and Area Coordinators (with the exception of Corrections
and Webmaster) are appointed by the Area Chair along with the approval of the Area
Assembly. (The Corrections coordinator is selected at the Corrections Conference and
the Webmaster is selected by the Website Subcommittee – both positions are approved
by the Area Assembly.) – P3 Manual

Area Officers


Julie R.

Represents the Area at the annual General Service Conference in New York.  The Delegate is responsible for reporting back to the Area on the Conference and facilitates all communications between the General Service Office (N.Y.) and Area members.

Alternate Delegate

Denise M.

Is available to attend other events such as A.A. groups, special workshops … as invited or if the Delegate cannot attend.  Conducts an orientation for new GSRs at each Area assembly.


Greg K.

Chairs Area Assemblies, Area Committee Meetings, Area Steering Committee Meetings, and Area Officer Meetings.  Puts together the Area Assembly agenda and Area Committee Meeting compiled with appropriate sources.  Appoints Standing and Ad-hoc Committee Chairs and Alternate Committee Chairs with the recommendation of the outgoing Committee Chair and the approval of the Officers.

Alternate Chairperson

Lindsey H.

Assists the Area Chairperson and fills in for him or her as necessary. Serves as primary liaison with hotel staff at Committee Meetings and Assemblies.


George S.

Pay expenses required to meet North Carolina AA obligations and maintain a set of books accounting for all monies handled. Receives and processes all group contributions, checks, money orders, and cash


Nancy B.

Maintains current registration information of NC AA groups, GSRs, Districts, and Area Committee members and Alternates.  Innovates, updates and maintains Area registration procedures and assist the districts in their registration work.


Debbi A.

Produce minutes of all Area Assemblies and Area Committee Meetings.  Coordinates efforts with Translation Committee Chair so that the minutes will be distributed to the districts 30 days prior to the next Assembly.

Area Convention

Convention Chair

Alana E.

Plans, organizes and conducts the annual N.C. State Convention under the general guidance and as a member of the Area 51 General Service Committee.

Alternate Convention Chair

Lizzy B.

Assists the Convention Chair with duties as requested. Serves on the Convention Committee to work with the Convention Chair in planning and conducting the Convention.

Area Subcommittees and Workgroups

Growth and Maintenance

Mary O.

Aids in resolving problems and concerns that arise from the growth of A.A. in the Area.

Website Chair

Monica M.

Manages Area 51’s website according to policies approved by the Area 51 Assembly. Works closely with the Webmaster to prioritize features and content to add to the website.

Budget & Finance

Denise I.

Reviews proposed agenda items for their impact on the Area 51 budget.

Site Investigation

Craig H.

Responsible for soliciting and evaluating bid proposals from hotels interested in hosting Area 51 events.

Theme and Workshop

Responsible for suggesting an Assembly theme and topics for the Assembly workshops for consideration and approval by the Area Committee.

Area Service Coordinators


Stan H.

Assists local A.A.s in Area 51 to better accommodate alcoholics with accessibility needs. Contacts institutions and agencies that provide care for disabled persons for the
purpose of providing information and education on the benefits of A.A.


Paige W.

Is available to attend other events such as A.A. groups, special workshops … as invited or if the Delegate cannot attend.  Conducts an orientation for new GSRs at each Area assembly

Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC)

Pat B.

Provides information about A.A. to those who have contact with alcoholics through their professions.

Public Information (PI)

Catherine W.

Carries the message of Alcoholics Anonymous through the use of the media to the public and to the fellowship.


Alison M.

Informs groups and individuals of the benefits of using A.A. Grapevine and La Viña magazines.


Scott H.

Informs Area 51 of the status of new and revised A.A. literature and of proposals for the printing of new literature.


Alan G.

Maintains the Area 51 website.Al

Treatment Facilities (TFC)

Paul M.

Makes presentations to administrators and alcoholic participants in treatment facilities to familiarize them with what A.A. has to offer them upon discharge.


Keith M.

Gathers and preserves material and historical data about A.A. of interest to North Carolina AA for display and use by A.A. Groups, A.A. conventions, districts and other Area Standing Service Committees.

Spanish Translator

Provides translation of Area documents and voluntary interpretation services for Area Meetings in a timely manner.

Spanish Interpreter

Viviana S.

Provides an oral translation between English and Spanish members at Area 51
Assemblies, Committee Meetings and the Spanish Pre-Conference