Area 51 Inventory

2022 Spring Assembly 

June 18-19, 2022 

Hilton Charlotte University Place 

At Area 51’s Fall Assembly in 2020, held via zoom, a motion was approved to conduct an Area Inventory.

Fall 2020 Area Inventory Advisory Action 

That Area 51 will conduct an Inventory no later than the Fall 2023 Assembly. The Inventory will take 4 hours and will be open to Area 51 A.A. members. The inventory will consist of a series of questions to be considered by all participants in breakout sessions followed by a general sharing session. These questions will be provided at the Assembly prior to the Inventory, as well as on the Area 51 Website. To ensure wider participation, AA members who cannot attend the Assembly will have the ability to review the questions and submit their responses to the Chair 30 days prior to the Assembly.

  The current plan is to conduct the inventory IN PERSON at the 2022 Spring Assembly, so long as NC COVID-19 guidelines permit. Our Area Chair will make the final decision.  While we encourage full participation for the Inventory at the Spring Assembly, we do recognize it is not possible for all to attend. Thus, for those AA group members who cannot attend and to encourage the widest possible participation from all group members in Area 51 (North Carolina), this inventory can be completed and submitted prior to the event.  Ways to ensure your voice is heard:  
  • Attend the 2022 Spring Assembly and participate in the Inventory process 
  • Go to the Area Website and fill out the Area Inventory form
  • Send an email with answers to the questions to 
  • Mail answers to: 

NCGSC-Registrar Attn:  2022 Inventory Chair PO Box 470275 Charlotte, NC 28247

The deadline for receiving the answers is July 31st, 2022.